Attendance Award

Awarded to those swimmers who attend 80% of Friday Night Races throughout the 2016-17 season


Olympic Challenge

This award is presented to those who complete the Olympic Challenge criteria during the 2016-17 Swim Club season

For full details of the award click on the link Olympic Challenge Criteria


Junior, Intermediate and Senior Point Score

Points are given to a swimmer each week for the number of races participated in (max 4 each week).

Points are also to given to each swimmer over the season for improvements in times for each stroke and distance.

The total of each of the above is combined to give the Point Score for the season.

Coaches Award

This is the clubs most prestigious award and is presented to the swimmer who has performed consistently at a high standard during training and in competition.

This is not an award for the best swimmer in the Club; it is an award that recognises consistency, dedication and commitment. This award is selected by the coaches.