Entering External Carnivals

How To Enter External Club Carnivals

Major NSW Swimming and Swimming Australia events require online entries by a specific due date. Each event will have a link to register for the event and make payment online by credit card.  Most of these events will have formal qualifying times that will indicate what events any swimmer can enter.  If the swimmer doesn’t have the formal qualifying time logged on the NSW swimming database (from a previous event meet), they may not be able to enter that event.  Steps for online entry:

* Go to NSW Swimming website’s event calendar

* Click on the targeted RSC Meet (you would have    received an email from Ravenswood’s Swimming Club’s Race Secretary)

* Click on “Click here to begin your online entry” & then click “Enter”

* Enter your Username & Password (this is your swimmer’s ID number – if you do not know this please contact the Registrar at registrar@ravenswoodswimclub.com.au

* Click on “Book on Meet”

* Accept the Terms & Conditions

* The events your child is eligible to enter will then be listed. Select the races you’d like to enter. Speak to your child’s coach before entering a race if unsure.

* Click “Proceed” & then “Proceed To Payment”

If you are having problems entering your child on a RSC targeted Meet, please contact the Race Secretary at racesec@ravenswoodswimclub.com.au