develop a love of swimming and experience competitive racing

We help people develop a love of swimming and experience in competitive racing.

With its home at Ravenswood School For Girls in Gordon, Sydney, Ravenswood Swimming Club is aimed at providing swimmers (boys and girls) of all ability the opportunity to develop experience in competitive racing at our monthly Club Nights and external NSW Swimming and Swimming Australia competition meets. If you're not sure about competing that's ok too, our Club Nights are always heaps of fun. We have members of all levels and ages, from 5-year-olds to some who are part of the Australian Swimming Team as both Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

Please note, swimming lessons and squad training are not run by Ravenswood Swimming Club but by Ravenswood School. Please contact the School directly at swimming@ravenswood.nsw.edu.au.

Our supportive culture

RSC is a not-for-profit sporting organisation administered by a volunteer committee. We utilise a 25 metre indoor pool all year round and are a member of the Sydney Metro North East (SMNE) Swimming Association and, beyond that, Swimming New South Wales. It's our supportive culture, love of swimming and recognised coaches, that set us apart.

Swimming lessons or squads

If you're after swimming lessons or squads, this is run by Ravenswood School For Girls not the Swimming Club. Please call 02 9498 9920 or email swimming@ravenswood.nsw.edu.au

Our Coaches

Head Swimming Coach

Mitch was recognised by NSW Swimming last year as NSW Olympic Coach Of the Year by NSW ASCTA. Mitch is an accomplished swimmer himself as a former State and National swimmer, as well as a sought-after coach, currently coaching dual world champion and Olympic medalist, James Magnussen. Mitch holds an ASCTA Silver license.

Assistant Head Swimming Coach

Leanne has over 13 years coaching experience in the pool, having coached in Australia and New Zealand at both a grass roots and national level. Prior to RSC Leanne was Head Age Group Coach at Sydney Uni. Leanne holds an ASCTA Silver License and Bachelor of Physical Education.

Our Committee

Tara Russell

Leanne Thompson

Tara Russell

Tina Scarlett

Melissa Janoyan

General Committee Members

Dru Newling - General Commmittee Member
Rebecca Schaffler - General Committee Member