Ravenswood Swimming Club, Club Nights are held at least monthly and are aimed at providing valuable race experience for our Club Members.  They're also lots of fun, with a BBQ provided in the warmer months where members can purchase dinner. The calendar of events on the website will list when Club Nights occur and the specific races for each night.  Competitors usually can swim a maximum of 4 events on a Club Night unless stated.  All children 12 years and under must be signed in and accompanied by an adult at all times.  It also an expectation that RSC members volunteer to support the night in timekeeping or helping on the BBQ.

2019/2020 RSC Club Awards Criteria​

Club Awards for the 2019/2020 swimming season which runs from 1 October 2019 to 30 September 2020 will be awarded based on the following point score criteria taking into account targeted swimming competitions and club nights throughout the season, rewarding commitment, sacrifice and self-discipline, all the values of being a Raven.  Our age categories for awards (based on your age as at 30 Sept 2020) are: Junior (10 yrs and under), Intermediate (11-13 yrs) and Senior (14yrs and over).  The following criteria will be used to award points across the season for each category: 

Club Nights

  • 1 point per event swum at Club Night (maximum 4 events)
  • 3 points for a club Personal Best time (this is all time club PB's and will not renew each season)

Targeted RSC Competitions

  • 1 point per event that you compete in at any local/area meet that is a targeted RSC competition
  • 2 points per event competed in at a Metropolitan Championship
  • 3 points per event competed in at a State Championship
  • 4 points per event competed in at a National Championship or Trials

Any finals swum will not earn extra points.  Events must be individual events to earn points (ie. not relays). Please note you must compete in the event to earn the points. There is also a Coaches Award which recognises one swimmer who has performed consistently at a high standard during training and in competition showing dedication, commitment and consistency. 


Entering a swimming meet is now via Swim Central.