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Ravenswood Swimming Club Duel Meet 12 October

Ravenswood Swimming Club is hosting a fun Duel Meet on 12 October for swimmers 14 yrs & under at the Ravenswood pool in Gordon. There will be head-to-head racing against other clubs, each club represented by a team of 30 swimmers that will compete for prizes with their team. As this is a team event, times are not official, just lots of fun & good race practice.

Warm up will be at 1:30pm, racing at 2pm, will conclude about 5pm.

Each club will select their team of 30 to race at the event, Ravenswood will be putting together their team of 30 swimmers to compete in the Junior (10&under), Intermediate (11/12yrs) & Senior (13/14yrs) levels. Please register your interest here before 24 Sept if you’d like to be part of the Ravenswood team of 30 selected to represent the club. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090a4da4ab22a4f58-rscduel The coaches will then announce the team of swimmers who have been selected to compete at the event for the Club, of which there may be a small nominal fee to race.

There will be a BBQ & cake stall on the day where you can purchase lunch & yummy treats, as well as a raffle & prizes.

If you represent another club & would like to participate in the Duel Meet, please contact Ravenswood's Head Swimming Coach Mitch Falvey on mfalvey@ravenswood.nsw.edu.au

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