Congratulations to the team of 23 Ravenswood Swimming Club members who competed at the SMNE Summer Championships at SOPAC on 5&6 Jan. This meet was the first targeted meet for the 21/22 season and the first returning after COVID Lockdown. Some of our members showed off the new uniform and they were looking fresh!!

The championships were split into two sessions each day with the 13/O swimmers in the morning and the 12/U swimmers in the afternoon.

The meet did not have the usual number of competitors which meant the time between races was dramatically reduced and swimmers were racing roughly every 10-20 minutes. The coaching team assessed it as an intense training session with great head to head racing opportunities.

Many swimmers were displaying nerves about getting out and racing but once they had completed their first couple of events, all the nerves went.

This meet was the first for Coach Cam with Ravenswood and he was very pleased with the efforts and performances of all members.

Videoing the races provided the swimmers instant feedback on the look of their race and have highlighted a list of racing and fitness elements to address in training to be even better the next time we race.

Congratulations to members who achieved a place in their events:

Ethan H 12 yrs Boys
1st 100m Breaststroke
1st 200m Individual Medley
1st 100m Freestyle
1st 200m Freestyle
1st 50m Breaststroke
2nd 50m Backstroke
2nd 50m Freestyle
3rd 100m Backstroke
3rd 50m Butterfly

Grace H 10 yrs Girls
1st 100m Backstroke
2nd 50m Backstroke

Leona K 12 yrs Girls
1st 200m Breaststroke
3rd 100m Breaststroke

Daniel L 14 yrs Boys
2nd 50m Butterfly
2nd 100m Butterfly

Willow H 10 yrs Girls
2nd 100m Backstroke

Jonathan Y 14 yrs Boys
3rd 100m Breaststroke

Annabelle S 14 yrs Girls
3rd 100m Backstroke

Consuela Z 14 yrs Girls
3rd 100m Breaststroke

Top 10 Finalists

Emma W, Charlotte B, Grace H, Ben K, Eva S, Stella G, Willow H, Leona K, Cameron L, Annabelle S, Mia S, Lucinda V, Jonathan Y and Consuela Z

The coaching team are so pleased we have kicked off the season in a positive manner with plenty of room for growth and a willingness to improve through the process on the way to achieving outcome and personal best.

Ravenswood Swimming Club Coaching Team