Knox Pymble 13/U Invitational Meet – Short Course Meet

On Sunday 21st May a Team of 7 Ravenswood Swimming Club members competed at the Knox Pymble 13/U Invitational Meet.

Leonardo Bazouni, Chiara Boultwood-Ho, Hiuyuet Ding, Sylvia Li, Kate Mesrop, Marley Renshaw, Lyla Rosser.

This meet provided our 13/U swimmers with valuable early season short course racing with the opportunity to explore new events in which they had no prior experience. We saw lots of fast racing throughout the day, with many of our athletes setting numerous personal bests.

Top 10 Finishes

Leo Bazouni 10th 100 Breaststroke

Marley Renshaw 10th 50 Backstroke

Remaining results included

Leo Bazouni - 11th 200 Breaststroke

Leo Bazouni - 13 200 IM (PB)

Chiara Boultwood-Ho - 16th 200 Backstroke (PB)

Chiara Boultwood-Ho - 18th 100 Backstroke (PB)

Chiara Boultwood-Ho - 33rd 200 Freestyle (PB)

Coco Ding - 26th 50 Butterfly (PB)

Coco Ding - 36th 50 Freestyle

Coco Ding - 48th 200 IM (PB)

Coco Ding - 20th 50 Breaststroke

Coco Ding - 28th 50 Backstroke

Sylvia Li - 52nd 100 Breaststroke

Sylvia Li - 74th 50 Freestyle (PB)

Sylvia Li - 42nd 50 Breaststroke (PB)

Sylvia Li - 49th 50 Backstroke (PB)

Kate Mesrop - 36th 100 Breaststroke (PB)

Kate Mesrop - 31st 100 Freestyle

Kate Mesrop - 38th 50 Freestyle (PB)

Kate Mesrop - 29th 50 Breaststroke (PB)

Marley Renshaw - 28th 100 Freestyle (PB)

Marley Renshaw - 31st 50 Freestyle (PB)

Marley Renshaw - 11th 100 Backstroke (PB)

Lyla Rosser - 21st 100 Breaststroke (PB)

Lyla Rosser - 14th 200 Breaststroke

Lyla Rosser - 34th 200 IM

Lyla Rosser – 34th 200 Freestyle

Congratulations to all of the swimmers on your excellent performance. A fantastic day of racing with opportunities to learn from each race.

Ravenswood Swimming Coaches