Warringah Aquatic Swimming Club – Short Course Meet

On Sunday 7th May a team of 33 Ravenswood Swimming Club members competed at the Warringah Aquatic Club Short Course Meet. This was the first target meet of the season and we saw lots of great swims from our members.

Welcome to our 5 new debutant members who raced for the first time for Ravenswood. Ruby Bakic, Oliver Fisher, Joe Guo, Ryan Lam and Lyla Rosser.

Congratulations to Annabelle Scarlett and Grace Hallock who were selected for the DASH FOR CASH at the end of the day.

Congratulations to our top 3 place getters.

Isabelle (Belle) Yue

1st 9 years 100m Freestyle

2nd 9 years 50m Backstroke

3rd 9 years 50m Butterfly

Annabelle Scarlett

3rd 13/O 50m Backstroke

3rd 13/O 100m Freestyle

Thomas Martin

2nd 13/O 200m Breaststroke

Sophia Li

1st 10 years 100m Freestyle

2nd 10 years 50m Breaststroke

3rd 10 years 50m Freestyle

3rd 10 years 50m Butterfly

Daniel Lawrence

1st 13/O 200m Butterfly

2nd 13/O 200m Individual Medley

2nd 13/O 100m Butterfly

3rd 13/O 100m Breaststroke

3rd 13/O 200m Freestyle

Cameron Lawrence

2nd 13/O 200m Backstroke

Willow Holm

3rd 12 years 100m Butterfly

Grace Hallock

1st 11 years 50m Freestyle

2nd 11 years 100m Backstroke

3rd 11 years 50m Butterfly

Oliver Fisher

1st 12 years 100m Butterfly

2nd 12 years 100m Backstroke

Georgina Fife

1st 13/O 100m Breaststroke

3rd 13/O 100m Backstroke

The coaching staff were very pleased with all the performances of our members and are looking forward to a great season ahead.