Wed this week at our teams club night we also awarded our 2018/2019 Ravenswood Swimming Club awards that recognise achievement throughout the year at our club nights.

By Sonia Johnson 01 January 2019

This also includes The Coaches Award which recognises outstanding achievement and attitude in the pool and out, throughout the swimming season. The winners this year were:

Coaches Award - Eliyah Malkin

Overall Point Score Winner: Georgina Fife

Junior 10yrs & Under Recipients:

1st - Georgina Fife

2nd - Sabela Moore

3rd - Kester Jan

4th - Levi Lorentz

5th - Logan Lorentz

Intermediate 11-13 yrs Recipients:

1st - Hannah Vince

2nd - Lucy Vince

3rd - Hunter Goulston

4th - Lauren Huyskens

5th - Kayla Barnard

Senior 14yrs & over Recipients:

1st - Isabelle Fife

2nd - Charlotte Block

3rd - Kaitlyn Eyre

4th - Madeleine Huyskens

5th - Eliyah Malkin

Junior Olympic Medal Recipients

Eleanor Robertson

Hannah Vince

Lucy Vince

Congratulations to all our award recipients!