Congratulations to our 27 members who achieved a JX Achievement Award for the 2021/22 Season.

Simon Jung - Bronze

Kirrily Woods - Blue

Leonardo Bazouni - Blue

Maya Debarge - Bronze

Holly Bishop - Blue

Chloe Brown - Blue

Eric Danielsson - Blue

Hiuyuet (Coco) Ding - Blue

Georgina Fife - Silver

Willow Holm - Gold

Leona Kim - Silver

Cameron Lawrence - Silver

Alannah Lynn - Blue

Thomas Martin - Bronze

Charlotte Mcintosh - Blue

Amelia Robinson - Blue

Annabel Robinson - Blue

Grace Hallock - Gold

Jessica Hugo - Silver

Alexis Kang - Silver

Ryan Zhang - Silver

Daniela Bazouni - Blue

Elaine Hu Nsw - Gold

Finlay Mcintosh - Blue

Zoe Murphy - Blue

Hannah Vince - Silver

Heidi Williams - Silver

Swimming Australia’s Junior Excellence (JX) program recognises the performances of swimmers aged 9 – 13 to encourage and inspire the next generation of competitive swimmers.

Delivered in conjunction with all states and territories, this program provides junior swimmers with access to a host of elite role models, including the program’s national ambassador – Dolphin Jack McLoughlin – along with receiving live recognition of achievements via Swim Central and program merchandise.

Within the JX program, junior swimmers strive to achieve gold, silver, bronze or blue standard times when they compete throughout the year, with swimming clinics offered throughout the year in every state and territory.

History of the program:

The Junior Excellence Program was established in 2007 to recognise, reward and incentivise junior swimmers who are on part of their swimming journey, learning and refining as they develop into senior swimmers. Each year Swimming Australia releases the JX criteria and standards for the forthcoming season which swimmers, parents and coaches can use as targets throughout the year.

Swimmers aged from 9 to 13 years, who accomplish times set by Swimming Australia, qualify at gold, silver, bronze or blue standard, depending on their best performance/s during the season.

All ‘approved’ swim meet results are loaded into the Swimming Australia’s Swim Central and used as results towards an overall award for each individual swimmer. At the end of the qualification period, Swimming Australia will publish the JX results on the website.