Ravenswood Swimming Club memberships are now open for the new swimming season which runs from 1 October 2020 to 30 September 2021.

By Sonia Johnson 11 February 2021

If you are a current member this means you will need to renew your membership prior to 1 October. All memberships are managed in Swim Central. Simply search for Ravenswood Swimming Club, choose the correct membership level & purchase the membership. Remember if your swimmer is 18years & under you need to have a parent/guardian also join/renew as the non-swimmer at the same time. For help see How To Purchase Memberships In Swim Central.

Membership is open to both boys and girls. Please see our current COVID-19 restrictions update however to check eligibility first though please. https://www.ravenswoodswimclub.com.au/covid-restrictions-rsc

For full details on memberships, membership levels & how to join check out our membership section of the website. https://www.ravenswoodswimclub.com.au/membership