The NSW Senior State Age Championships were over the 1st-3rd September, a team of 13 Ravenswood Swimming Club members participated in these championships.

Our team performed exceptionally well in all of their events, along with improving in numerous areas based on their training since they last raced.

A brief summary of the meet; 1 Bronze Medal, 6 Top 10 Finishes, 4 relay teams, 73% personal best conversion, 3 new national sc qualifying times.

The coaching team were very impressed by all the performances throughout the weekend and want to congratulate all members.

The execution of race plans and the ability to continue to swim faster, event after event was exceptional. This shows your training has prepared you mentally and physically to perform at this level.

Congratulations to Daniel Lawrence on achieving 3 National Open Short Course Qualifying times.

Congratulations to Kirrily Woods on achieving Bronze Medal
12-14 years MC 200m Individual Medley

Congratulations to Daniel Lawrence and Georgina Fife on achieving Top 10 placings

Daniel Lawrence 4th16 Years 50m Freestyle (Open National Qualification)
Daniel Lawrence 8th 16 years 100m Backstroke (Open National Qualification)
Daniel Lawrence 9th 16 years 100m Butterfly
Daniel Lawrence 10th 16 years 100m Freestyle

Georgia Fife 6th12-13 Years 100m Breaststroke
Georgia Fife 9th12-13 Years 50m Freestyle

A full break down of the results

Georgina Fife 12/13yrs 200m Breaststroke (PB) (12th)
Georgina Fife 12/13yrs 100m Butterfly (PB) (14th)
Georgina Fife 12/13yrs 100m Freestyle (PB) (16th)
Georgina Fife Open 100m Individual Medley (PB)

Joe Guo 13/14 Years 50m Freestyle (PB) (28th)

Cameron Lawrence 13/14yrs 100m BK (PB) (12th)
Cameron Lawrence 13/14yrs 200m BK (PB) (17th)

Daniel Lawrence Open 50m Backstroke (PB) (14th) (Open National Qualification)
Daniel Lawrence 15yrs 50m Butterfly (PB) (26th)
Daniel Lawrence 16 Years 200m Individual Medley (PB) (21st)

Amelia Robinson 15yrs 100m Breaststroke (PB) (16th)

Annabelle Scarlett 16yrs 100m Backstroke (14th)
Annabelle Scarlett 16yrs 200m Freestyle (20th)

Kirrily Woods 12-14yrs MC 100m Backstroke (PB) (4th)
Kirrily Woods 12-14yrs MC 100m Freestyle (4th)
Kirrily Woods 12-14yrs MC 50m Freestyle (4th)

Consuela Zhang 15yrs 100m Breaststroke (PB) (12th)
Consuela Zhang Open 50m Breaststroke (PB) (23rd)
Consuela Zhang 15yrs 50m Freestyle (PB) (23rd)

Relay Results

Girls 13-15 years 4 x 50m FS (27th) TEAM PB
Consuela Zhang, Georgina Fife, Hannah Vince and Lucia Mason

Girls 13-15 years 4 x 50m MED (26th) TEAM PB
Georgina Fife, Amelia Robinson, Heidi Williams and Consuela Zhang

Boys 14-15 years 4 x 50m FS (30th) TEAM PB
Cameron Lawrence, Joe Guo, Ryan Zhang and Thomas Martin

Boys 14-15 years 4 x 50m MED (26th)
Cameron Lawrence, Thomas Martin,Joe Guo and Ryan Zhang

Overall a wonderful weekend of racing and a very promising finish to the 2023 Winter season.

We would like to wish Daniel all the best at the National Open SC Championships between 13-16 September.

Congratulations to all swimmers and their families. We look forward to continuing this success into the 2023/24 Summer Season.

Ravenswood Swimming Club Coaches.