Wednesday 12 February 2020 will be an Official Times Club Night. That means that times are recorded with NSW Swimming & can be used towards qualifying times to enter external swimming carnivals. Warm Up will be at 5:45pm & races starting at 6pm.

By Sonia Johnson 03 February 2020

Each swimmer can swim up to 3 events only. Registration & entries are via Swim Central only beforehand, you cannot just show up on the day. Entries close 9pm 11 Feb. Please check with your coach first as to what races to enter.

We also need 12 timekeepers to be able to run an Official Times Night, so if your child is swimming you are required to timekeep as well so please sign up here. If you haven't done it before don't worry it's easy.

Remember kids 12yrs & under must be signed in & accompanied by an adult on the night. Also weather permitting we'll be running the BBQ so you can grab some dinner afterwards.