Ravenswood Swimming Club memberships are now due for renewal as we're about to kick off the new swimming season which runs from 1 October 2019 to 30 September 2020. All membership renewals are managed and made in Swim Central.

By Sonia Johnson 25 September 2019

Please note that if you don't renew before 1 October then you will not be a financial member and will not be able to enter external swimming carnivals or post official times with ones already entered. Also if you don't renew before 30 October Swim Central automatically removes all your details from the system. We're also open for new members looking to join the club. Details on both are below.

Renewing Your RSC Membership

Click for a step-by-step guide on how to renew your Ravenswood Swimming Club membership(s) for the new season in Swim Central.


You can see our membership levels here with associated fees: https://www.ravenswoodswimclub.com.au/membership

But this is a helpful guide as to what RSC membership products to choose in Swim Central.

Ravenswood Swimming Club is a registered Active Kids Service Provider so we have membership levels that you can opt for that use Active Kids Vouchers.

Join Ravenswood Swimming Club As A New Member

Then here's a guide on how to join us in Swim Central as a new member.

If you're looking to transfer from another swimming club then contact our registrar in the first instance.

For any membership enquiries please contact Tara, our Club Registrar on registrar@ravenswoodswimclub.com.au