On Saturday the 9th and Sunday the 10th of September a team of 9 Ravenswood Swimming Club members competed at the NSW Junior State Age SC Championships:

Abigail Chen, Claire Fisher, Grace Hallock, Willow Holm, Sophia LI, Lucy Matthews, Kate Mesrop, Lyla Rosser, and Isabelle Yue.

The NSW Junior State Age Short Course Championships proved to be a valuable experience for our team of young swimmers with many competing at their first NSW State Championship. These championships serve as a platform for our junior swimmers to showcase their dedication, tireless effort, and remarkable talent they have cultivated throughout the entirely of the short course season.

Our team performed exceptionally well with numerous personal bests, top 10 finishes, and overall team spirit.

Congratulations to Willow Holm, Grace Hallock, Kate Mesrop and Lyla Rosser on achieving Top 10 placings:

Willow Holm: 10th 12 Years 200 Backstroke

Willow Holm: 7th 12 Years 4x50 Medley Relay (TEAM PB)

Grace Hallock: 7th 12 Years 4x50 Medley Relay (TEAM PB)

Kate Mesrop: 7th 12 Years 4x50 Medley Relay (TEAM PB)

Lyla Rosser: 7th 12 Years 4x50 Medley Relay (TEAM PB)

A full breakdown of results:

Abigail Chen: 19th 10 Years 50m Breaststroke (PB)

Willow Holm: 30th 12 Years 50m Freestyle (PB)

Willow Holm: 20th 12 Years 100m Freestyle

Willow Holm: 12th 12 Years 100 Backstroke

Relay Results:

Girls 12 Years 4x50m FS 14th (TEAM PB)

Willow Holm, Grace Hallock, Kate Mesrop, Lyla Rosser

Girls 10-11 Years 4x50m Medley 13th (TEAM PB)

Abigail Chen, Sophia Li, Isabelle Yue, Lucy Matthews

Girls 10-11 Years 4x50m FS 12th (TEAM PB)

Lucy Matthews, Sophia Li, Claire Fisher, Abigail Chen

Overall, an exciting weekend of racing and successful conclusion to the 2023 Winter Season.

We look forward to continuing this success into the 23/24 Summer Season

Ravenswood Swimming Club Coaches