On Sunday 5th June, twenty-six Ravenswood Swimming Club members attended the Warringah Aquatic Swimming Club Qualifying Meet held at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre.

Many personal bests were achieved along with competitive racing opportunities to develop physical and mental toughness.

New race plans were trialed and tested with all swimmers of which many were able to secure new personal bests and well and winning close battles on the wall.

A number of swimmers achieve new Metro or State Qualification times.

Congratulations to the following swimmers who achieved a top three placing.

Abigail Chen
* 8 years 50m Breaststroke (1st)
* 8 years 50m Backstroke (1st)
* 8 years 50m Butterfly (1st)
* 8 years 50m Freestyle (2nd)

Grace Hallock
* 10 years 100m Backstroke (1st)
* 10 years 50m Backstroke (2nd)
* 10 years 50m Butterfly (2nd)
* 10 years 100m Freestyle (3rd)
* 10 years 50m Freestyle (3rd)

Willow Holm
* 11 years 100m Freestyle (2nd)
* 11 years 50m Freestyle (3rd)
* 11 years 100m Backstroke (3rd)

Alexis Kang
* 13-14 years 200m Backstroke (1st)

Cameron Lawrence
* 13 years 100m Butterfly (1st)
* 13 years 50m Backstroke (1st)
* 13 years 100m Backstroke (2nd)

Daniel Lawrence
* 15 years and Over 200m Butterfly (2nd)

Annabelle Scarlett
* 15 years and Over 200m Backstroke (2nd)
* 15 years and Over 100m Backstroke (3rd)

Katelyn Stephenson
* 15 years and Over 50m Butterfly (1st)
* 15 years and Over 100m Butterfly (2nd)
* 15 years and Over 50m Backstroke (3rd)
* 15 years and Over 50m Freestyle (3rd)

Jonathan Yang
* 15 years and Over 200m Breaststroke (3rd)

The coaching team was very happy with all the performances from the swimmers and are looking forward to more improvement at the SMNE Winter Championships